Book a trip

An easy way to book a trip in less than 30 seconds. No more papers, post-its, phone calls and faxes

  • Book trips paid by the hospital or by the patient.
  • Smart input fields to fasten the booking process.
  • Instantly booked in the agenda of the transport company, no need to wait for a planner to confirm.

Control the process

Configure your internal processes & existing partnerships

  • Use our network of transport companies or configure your own partnerships.
  • We keep all the rules of the health insurance companies up to date. No need to worry about that anymore.
  • Provide access to specific people or entire teams.

Access real time data

Full access to the data you need for controlling, quality assurance, ...

  • Compare requests with invoices.
  • Keep track of undesired events & boost your patient satisfaction.
  • View ETA's and send messages to the transport companies.